• Nutrition and health are two important and closely related determinants of human development and productivity.
  • Prevalence of India is passing through a developmental, demographic, nutritional and epidemiological transition with traditional habits being replaced by unhealthy dietary practices leading to diet related chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease and cancer.
  • The focus of nutrition and health care must be directed towards disease prevention and health promotion. For disease prevention, public health issues, life styles e.g. dietary practices and patterns and personal habits are known to play pivotal role in the maintenance of body weight.
  • The international journal of diabetes in developing countries says that there is alarming rise in prevalence of diabetes which has gone beyond epidemic form to pandemic form.
  • Globally diabetes affects 246 million people which are about 6 per cent of the total adult population.

Broad Objective:Design and Evaluation of a Personalized Human Centered Dietary Decision Support System among diabetics.

Implementation Sites